AR21_05_22: Alice's Restaurant

un día / 435 millas / 9 horas 28 minutos

Alice's is one of those places you have to visit every now and then. I think it's been 6 years since I was there last, and it's time to pay my respects again. This will be one of the first longer rides of 2021 -- about 430 mi round trip. Due to the mileage, we'll try to keep the pace of this ride moving right along.

In addition to Alice's, this ride features:

the South Peninsula Skyline Ridge
PCH -- Hwy 1 -- South of San Gregorio
Hecker Pass
Hwy 130 -- Mt. Hamilton/San Antonio Valley Rd/Del Puerto Canyon Rd

I'll try to keep the highway time to a minimum; however, there is a good stretch of 580 between Livermore and Hayward, and a section of 101 around Morgan Hill. The alternatives just add more time or urban congestion than I'd like to deal with.

KSU will be soon after 8:00 at Marlene & Glen's Cafe. Stop in a little after 7 if you would like to share conversation and coffee/breakfast before the ride.

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